April 13, 2013

10 Posts for Weary Moms

Are you a mom who is weary and in need of some encouragement? Are you at a place in your life where you need to KNOW and FEEL something different than what you're currently experiencing? Here are ten posts I wrote for the Hope for the New Year book Club I hosted over at Hope for the Weary Mom. Each post reflects my own personal story of weariness and defeat...and the kind of Hope I found that transformed my heart and mind in ways I never dreamed possible. Jesus truly met me right in the middle of my mess! I hope you'll click on each of the images below and be blessed.  

"On my hardest days and in the middle of my most difficult circumstances, if I can remember to just stop, breathe and whisper His name, He is there. That’s it. Just an invitation to calm the storm raging in our hearts…a weary mom in need of the comfort from her Heavenly Father."

"And then He reminds me…after I’ve come to the end of myself, that I don’t need to see that far ahead or even with that much clarity. All I need to see is Jesus. And thankfully, we don’t need to look far. He’s not playing a game of hide and seek with us. He’s just simply right here."  

"The only kind of measuring stick we need to be concerned with is the Holy Spirit kind. It’s the filling to overflowing til our hearts are parenting out of the overflow kind of measure. Anything less than being filled to the measure with God’s Holy Spirit and we are still relying on ourselves and still more likely to compare ourselves with someone else."

"There are no words to accurately describe the whirlwind range of emotions we went through in those first few days with our newest son. All we knew is that from the moment we laid our eyes on him, we were in love. Everything else, at the time, was a blur. No one could tell us exactly what his health condition was, but we knew that something about him was “different”, dare I say, not what we expected.  And never in my life had I considered the words from Psalm 139:13-16 more than I did then."

"But God tells us over and over again…that ultimately, the one and only thing that will ever satisfy that desperate need to run and hide…is our One and Only. I realize now, that it’s only when I haven’t spent time with God, that my get-up-and-fight is gone and I become a desperate flight risk. And in those desperate moments, because I’ve let myself get that far off track by not spending time with God…I become completely focused on my circumstances instead of on Jesus."

"Imagine with me for a moment…an exhausted mom is sitting at her kitchen table. Head in hands, coffee sitting next to her, now cold. She’s warmed it several times already today. Her eyes are stinging from the tears she’s cried and her heart hurts because of the words she’s spoken out loud and the ones she still hasn’t prayed to God. After several minutes she looks up and sees the faces of her children. Again, her heart is broken over the damage she feels she’s done."

"My feelings. They’re a big problem for me. I rely on them way too often. God tells us they can’t be trusted, an still….I do. I’m addicted to my feelings, especially the ones that cause me to fear I’m doing it all wrong, that true Peace will evade me forever. I tell myself I should be better at motherhood by now. I get angry with myself for finding my way to this place again…the same old cycle of knowing God is for me but not really believing it."

"Moms, we’ve all been in this place in one form or another. Totally exhausted, worn out, wanting to give up, run away and hide. As moms, we face unknowns every single day. And still, our very real Jesus can lead us to a hiding place where  we find rest and comfort, even in the midst of whatever circumstance we’re wading through. We can get through the daily craziness of motherhood, the trials that threaten to consume us and even stand strong when our children’s spirits are completely hidden from us and their willful ways are staring us in the face in what feels like a losing battle. But it’s not our job to save them.
Only Jesus can do that. We must trust Him to work in their hearts and lives too."

"I want to be an “it is well with my soul” kind of believer all the time. Don’t you? If God allows difficult circumstances into my life, I want to be used by Him to help another, for it to be redeemed somehow and make me more like Jesus. The tragedy would be if it all got wasted . Our circumstances do matter to God, but our hearts are what He’s after. We can know that no matter how hard this life is or how much it hurts, Hope is real because of what Jesus did on the cross for you and me."

"I don’t believe loneliness is a waste. God is our Redeemer and if He allows us to go through seasons that feel lonely, it’s because He’s teaching us how to cling to Him, the person who is Jesus who wants to meet us in our mess. He IS the One who “gets us” most, the One who knows us best and understands us like no other. When we can cling to Jesus as our best friend, our Hope…THEN the friendships HE brings into our lives will be rooted in Him and based on Truth. They will be the sisters who point us back to Jesus every single time, love us even when it’s hard and do life with us through each season of life. And those sorts of friendships are rare and precious gifts."

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  1. These are all so good!! Thank you for collecting them all to this place! I'll be passing this on as such a great reference.
    Bless you! With Aloha,
    PS I love the new look and name of your site. Perfect!


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