End of the School Year Teacher Gift Ideas

Stumped on what to buy your son or daughters teacher for and end-of-year gift? I’ve got you covered!

For certain holidays and at the end of the school year, it is customary for students to bring a small gift for their teacher or teachers.

It is a polite gesture, and a way for students (and their parents) to say thank you for all the hard work over the school year.

Those gifts that are known to be the best for teachers need not be such expensive.

What should be highly considered is the thought and meaning that is put into it and not the price tag.

E-gift cards

E-gift cards are the perfect way to keep the personal touch of the gift alive, while still giving the receiver the option to purchase something that they’ll truly love.

It’s a tiny shopping spree on a card and great fun for the teacher.

The system isn’t perfect, though. There are times when the teacher receives a gift card for a store or service that they don’t like or need at that time.

Choose the best e-gift for the teacher.

Did you know you can even get a Costco membership discount or Sam’s club membership discount? Perfect for teachers who want to save some money on buying bulk supplies!

Greeting Cards

One easy way to express gratitude to teachers is through greeting cards.

Most card shops offer a special section for teachers. These cards are a good choice as part of a gift for a teacher, as they have appropriate sayings inside.

Many card shops also offer small mementos that make perfect teacher gifts.

Some of the gifts that best fits teachers are for instance the desk calendar, folders, organizers, and pen stands.

A potted plant is also a nice gift option, as it is something that can be displayed in the classroom year-round.

The Secret Book Box

They are boxes that look just like books, in fact, they used to be books, but they carry a unique twist.

They look like a book but have a hidden secret compartment.

Since these boxes come in a variety of book titles, these boxes can be personalized for specific tastes.

Since teachers love books, it is a perfect gift that is both useful and fun.

Cookie Bouquets and Flowers

No one doesn’t love flowers. Many teachers can be seen all over receiving them with much appreciation.

This is one gift that is frequently overlooked.

They are easy to personalize and you do not have to wrap them.

The same goes for a cookie bouquet; it is a wonderful alternative to flowers and just as beautiful.

There are so many attractive edible arrangements available now that are very tasty, too.

An individual should consider putting together seed packages if for instance he/she cannot afford a cookie arrangement of a flower.

You can also put a seen and pot package together since seeds come relatively cheap and you can find an inexpensive small pot at many discount and dollar stores.

Fruit or Wine of the Month

I did not think much of my fruit of the month gift when I first received it, but after I got my first box of specialty fruits I looked forward to the next one.

The fruit is always delicious and it is always nice to come home and find a gift has been delivered yet again… months after the initial presentation.

They have different size packages for different budgets, so you should be able to find something in your price range.

Personalized Supplies

Teachers are always running out of supplies in the classroom.

Get a personalized pen set, or just pick up supplies in general at your local dollar store. Teachers can always use pens, pencils, post-its, and notepads.

Whatever the gift you choose, remember that every teacher loves a hand-written note.

Be sure to include one with any gift you give, because that alone can make the difference between showing genuine appreciation and a generic thank-you. Your teacher will, no doubt, be thankful either way.

There is no one perfect gift for all teachers.

Putting some thought into a personalized gift that suits the teacher being gifted, however, is always a good idea.

It is also advisable to go with something practical and useful or work-related, as many teachers need these items but don’t always have the money to spend on them.

Remember, a gift is a thank you, a reward for a job well done. Any teacher will be happy to receive a token of gratitude, regardless of price, if the gift comes from the heart.


Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

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