For when you’re tired, mama…

Dear sweet weary mom,

It’s simply music to my ears and comfort to my often weary soul when I can connect with another mom who knows the characteristics of how deeply exhausting being a mom of boys can be. We love them to Heaven and back, wouldn’t trade them for anything…but there are days when we wonder how on earth we’ll make it through the day (or next minute).

Their boy-energy seems to literally re-create itself every 30 seconds, all day long. So in turn, keeping up with their physical demands often make it hard to even begin to address their spiritual and emotional needs.

Can you relate to this, as well?

I get it. I really do. I’m a mom of four young sons who bring my mama heart such incredible joy each day. And yet, they also drive me down to my knees in prayer regularly. Often, my knee-worn prayers are the desperate, pleading-with-God, sort of prayers, uttered in tired tones with worn out words.

When the day is long and my patience is short, I feel defeat creeping in.

When I’ve warmed the same cup of coffee seven times and then can’t find where I’ve set it down, that old familiar feeling of helplessness rises.

Join me today over at The MOB Society to read the rest of this post, because I’m sharing some great news about how we can keep up with our sons (and daughters) and thrive in the day to day of crazy busy motherhood.

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