Fruit of the Spirit Family Bible Study book, only $1.99 Dec. 6-8

I have some great news! Do you remember the Family Bible Study I told you all about? The one that teaches your children about the Fruit of the Spirit? Well, you can get the Kindle version…Learning to Speak Life™: Fruit of the Spirit for just $1.99 from December 6-8. 

What an incredible deal for a book that will have a HUGE impact on your family!! If you didn’t get to read my review of Carlie & Michael Kercheval’s book, I’m including it below. 

Have you been trying to find a way to incorporate family Bible time in your home? 

Raising our children in a world where teaching our young how to be independent and self-reliant means that we as parents need to be all the more intentional in sharing our faith with the generation following us. They need to know that we can’t do this life alone. We weren’t created to. God wants our children to know who He is, How much He loves them and how to follow hard after Him all the days of their lives.

Making Jesus famous to our children is the most important part of our parenting them. It’s also our biggest privilege. So when God calls us to show our young blessings how to obey His commandments. especially His first commandment, loving God with all our heart, soul and might, we shouldn’t take that lightly.

“Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 6:7


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So when my very good friend, Carlie Kercheval and her husband, Michael,  sent me a copy of a book they wrote together, called Learning to Speak Life™: Fruit of the Spirit to review, I was beyond excited. So, excited, in fact, that I was more than happy and honored to write an endorsement they included in their book. It’s that good.

Learning to Speak Life™: Fruit of the Spirit is a real breath of fresh air…something truly God-inspired for families desiring to seek God together in their everyday lives. As a wife and mother of four kids, I know how being intentional with the precious time we have together is so very important. With humility and obedience, Michael and Carlie have poured their hearts and souls into creating a Truth-filled Family Bible Study that will build our faith in God, our relationship with Jesus and the family relationships we have with one another. Each lesson is packed with simple and fun multi-sensory ways we can learn, apply and be filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit with our children each day. Learning to Speak Life™ in our homes is a journey definitely worth taking.

With four boys, ages 3, 5, 7 and 9, it hasn’t been easy finding ONE resource we can use in our family devotional time together…until now. We love how easy this devotional/bible study is to use and have been AMAZED at the conversations surrounding our time in the Word together. We’ve been spending one week on each fruit and it’s been a perfect fit as it’s geared toward children, ages 3-12.

Each chapter focuses on one fruit of the spirit and includes the following: 
  • Scripture to read and discuss. You can encourage older children to memorize it.
  • A section called What is…? For example, What is Love? Then a definition is given according to the bible and provides lots of room for questions and discussion.
  • The third section is called Confessions. I love this section because it’s where we begin to learn HOW to speak life together. Each day during that week’s lesson, and according to the fruit being studied, it is the goal to get everyone to speak out loud five confessions. For example, “I declare that no matter what I face today, I will walk in Love.”
  • Copywork, to help plant the seeds of God’s Love in their hearts.
  • Role Playing to help your family act out and reinforce what each fruit of the spirit looks like when done the way God intended. We all LOVE this part! And for parents, what a great tool for inspiring our children to make good choices.
  • Silly Sayings: oh yes, my boys LOVE this fun section too. They’re encouraged to say each saying as fast as they can.
  • Each chapter also includes a Story to help everyone get a better understanding of what the fruit looks like in our day-to-day lives when we obey God.
  • In every chapter Family Discussion Time is included which revolves around a set of questions used to help promote, like I said before, AMAZING conversations about the fruit of the spirit.
  • Family Projects are a part of each chapter. What a great way to put fruit in action as a family unit.
  • There is a section dedicated to Prayer regarding each fruit. Even our youngest is a very active part of this.
  • Digging Deeper is a beautiful addition to each chapter for families desiring to go a little deeper with more Scripture references, resources and ideas to further family growth.
Be sure to get your copy of the book now (between Dec. 6-8) while it’s only $1.99
Learning to Speak Life™: Fruit of the Spirit right now by clicking on this link. 
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