God-given Dreams & an ANNOUNCEMENT!

If you’ve been here a while, you may remember a few of the blog series posts I’ve tried starting. And if not, well, trust me…I’ve tried. None of them took off. And all of them were let go of, laid aside and grieved over. I believed these ideas, these dreams were not my own, but given to me by God. And each time I tried to invest time and intention into what I thought was part of the dream God had given me for THIS site, the door was closed.

So what do you do when your God-dream isn’t panning out the way you hoped or expected? What do you do with that? I’m learning that to wait. And pray. To keep taking steps, while praying in between each faith-step.

To be honest, I questioned God. I had faith in Him, but I asked a lot of questions because I knew in the deepest part of my heart that this desire to share real honest stories with other women, this longing to let others like myself know they aren’t alone…it couldn’t be a made up dream. I believed it was a desire meant for me to have and grab hold of.

But why couldn’t I make it work? The short answer? I had some serious growing to do. I still do. But I needed to surrender more fully, walk more closely and lean in to my Jesus more deeply. I needed to trust that whatever He was doing, even though I couldn’t understand…was okay. And then I needed to realize that “I” was not going to make it work. He was. 

So I waited…and waited. And prayed. And then one day recently, it all became so very clear through a conversation with my friend, Carlie Kercheval, owner and founder of Managing Your Blessings (and several other sites). I’ll never forget the moment God surprised us both with the realization that we were meant to join forces for the Managing Your Blessings (MYB) site. We were actually stunned, and yet, NOT…because God is just like that.

So, I wanted to let you all know that I am SO thankful to be joining Carlie’s side as the new co-owner of Managing Your Blessings. She is such a gift and a blessing to my life and I’m ever thankful for her trust and willingness to go where God calls her to go…every time. We’re excited to see how God’s plan unfolds and community is strengthened as women encourage one another in their journeys toward deeper, more meaningful life-living faith in God. We know He’s got BIG plans and amazing things in store. We know God has been at work preparing my heart and Carlie’s for quite some time as so many of our dreams for MYB completely fit together. We see confirmation of this all over the place! So, we’re grateful!

Dreams. They don’t always unfold the way we expect them to. And sometimes it seems there’s a waiting period before God reveals enough of the pieces for us to know what to do next. But we can know this for sure, if He places a dream in our heart and then we surrender it back to Him, He WILL be faithful to walk us through these dreams one step at a time.

When I realize that most of the dreams I’ve had for Devotional Motherhood were actually meant for Managing Your Blessings, I marvel, because God knew the whole time. It reminds me of the times when I’m watching my children discover something and they can only see part of the picture…but as their mom, I know more of the details and can fully grasp and see there’s more to all of this than they could even begin to comprehend, right now. They’ve got growing to do before they’ll be ready to understand more. I believe that’s how God is with us too.

And just so you know…there’s more to come here too. I’m believing God for the plans He’s made for this little space here at Devotional Motherhood. Looking forward to what lies ahead.

Do you have a dream in your heart that you’re waiting on God for? We’d love for you to come on over to Managing Your Blessings, join us there and share your heart with us.

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