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Our 2013-2014 Curriculum {PreK – 4th grade}

This year we are still sticking with our Unit Studies approach to homeschooling and adding in many other different things. I suppose this makes us a bit more on the eclectic side as we pull our resources and materials from all over the place, but Unit Studies will remain the foundation for everything we do. So, for instance, when we are learning about habitats in Science, we’ll apply our themed approach by pulling in all kinds of resources (mostly from the library and online) to support what we’re learning. And even though our boys are not doing the same grade level work (PreK, Kindergarten, Second grade and Fourth grade), much of what they’ll be learning can still be combined and adjusted for the levels they are at. (the beauty of Unit Studies…and homeschooling!)Quick tip: One of the new ways I help keep the costs low on all of the things needed for homeschooling is to buy eGift Cards. This gives me a way to save money on the things I’m already buying, without the need for coupons or waiting for the store to offer a deal.


Unit Studies

  • Homeschool ShareMost of the studies we do come from there. All of the rest are pulled together from our library and online…all free. Later this week, I’ll share some more Unit Study GOODNESS. So be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW us so you don’t miss anything. We’ve got a fun and unique twist on our Unit Studies.
  • How We Learn With Unit Studies 

Mini Unit Studies


                    Connect to God’s story.
                    Uncover something about life.
                    Experience something together.

Language Arts 


Science / Social Studies


Foreign Languages 

Physical Education  

Online Educational Supplements 

For Mom 

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