House of the Rising Sons

“Mom, have you and Daddy asked Jesus into your hearts?” asked my son, during a beautiful conversation we were having about Salvation.
“Yes.” I answered. “We each asked Jesus into our hearts to be our forever best friend a long time ago.”
A minute or two passed before he asked this question…
“So if you have the Holy Spirit in you, what makes you different?”
Oh, how thankful I was for that profound question…and honestly, at the same time…a little terrified nervous, as this question reminds me of just how much our children are watching our every move and listening to what we say. In an instant my ministry at home became that much clearer.
And this, THIS is what it’s all about…Making Jesus Famous to our kids by letting them see that we are set apart for God. Our actions and words need to look, feel and sound different, holy…if we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Our children need to be able to see and experience the nine characteristics of the Spirit in us. I don’t want to walk out a faith that is flat and stale.
We want our sons to KNOW without a doubt that asking Jesus to live in their hearts forever makes us different, not perfect, but set apart for God and from this world. So everyday, I pray for their hearts…and mine. God is the One with the answers, not me.

Will you join me here as we pray together for the hearts of our sons and seek God for His leading in raising our sons?