Look what’s coming to Devotional Motherhood! {Gifts for you, honest stories, a makeover and more}

I know it’s been quiet around here lately. REALLY quiet. Want to know why?

We’re getting a makeover! In fact, I’m working on it right now. I can’t wait to reveal all that God has put on my heart to share with you. This quiet season here was needed…a slowing down to better hear the Words spoken by the Giver of all life.

The thing is, this slowing down…that part isn’t going to end. God doesn’t want His children to miss a single thing. He wants us to live more fully, more in the moment…more awake. My heart’s definition of the unhurried pace, this slowing down, has changed. I see and experience it differently now.

Slowing down means we get to soak in more of life, let it leave a lasting imprint on our souls and offer up our thanks to the One who is the Author of all things good. And I want to share it with you, this living-devotionally-right-in-the-middle-of-where-God-is kind of beauty and joy that is possible for all who enter into His presence.

I don’t want to miss what He so graciously gives to me each and every day. Do you?  So, after a time of quiet reflection and some real challenging life-living over these past several months, I’m ready to share more of my heart here at Devotional Motherhood. I can’t wait!

Can I just say how thankful I am for all of you? There aren’t enough words, so to show you just how grateful this mama’s heart truly is, I’ve got three gifts to give to three of you sweet sisters in December. (and there may be some extra bonuses!!)

I hope you’ll come back this coming Friday, December 6th, and be blessed. I have a letter for you to read. A letter to you, inspired by God’s Words, placed on my heart in the thankful slowing down moments of surrender and joy.

Sweet Blessings to you,

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