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July 10, 2012

We LOVE This Free Educational App...Knowonder!

Recently, I was given an opportunity to review a really incredible FREE educational app called Knowonder! I was really excited and had high hopes for this new app! Our family has become much more media savvy in the last year or so as we've learned to embrace our online time, Netflix, iPad,   iPod and iPhones for more educational purposes. I've fought this most of the way, but in the end...realized that there are actually some really redeeming qualities to all of our media sources if we're wise in what we choose to view and how much we choose to view it.

With that said, I was really happy to learn about an app that promotes literacy, fun, creativity and new stories every single day for you and your kids to read together. I could swear the creator of Knowonder! must have read my mind when I put my wish list together for the kind of app I was hoping to find next.

If you'd like to read why we think this app is so awesome (because there's even more to it than what I'm revealing here), then click over to the Hip Homeschool Moms for my full review.


February 28, 2012

Top Ten Ways I Use My iPhone to Seek God

I've had my iPhone for several months now and LOVE it for many reasons other than it's phone/communication capabilities (although I love that too). Since I am never left with an abundance of time, or even a sliver of time on most days, I gotta find time to get filled with God's Truth somehow. My iPhone has been my LIFE-saver for this reason: it helps me sneak in bits of time to read and listen to uplifting, encouraging and life-giving truths while I live out my days with four young boys near by at all times and my husband by my side.

Here is my Top Ten List of Ways I Use My iPhone to Seek God in Our Day.
  1. This might sound simple, but my Gmail app is one of my faves because of it's Google Reader function. I'm subscribed to and follow many amazing blogs that encourage and inspire me in one way or another. I love being able to go to my Reader and easily scan the titles of all the posts from that day (and previous days) to read what jumps out at me. Some blogs consistently fill me spiritually. Some give practical ideas and advice while others chronicle their walks of faith so authentically and beautifully...I feel "at home" when I'm visiting their blogs.
  2. Heard of Beth Moore? I adore her! She is one of my all time favorite bible teachers. I've done several of her studies, but also have found two places online where she teaches and I can listen for free. You can find her at Life Today every Wednesday teaching amazing lessons. These can be viewed or listened to. You can get the Life Today app or, what I prefer is to find these tapings from the Life Today show HERE.
  3. Beth always has a teaching series going on over over at When I find a website I want to be able to access quickly and easily on my iPhone, like any app at any time, I just click the little arrow in the square at the bottom of the screen and then click "add to home screen". Then it's saved there forever. Easy! 
  4. When I need to look up a passage of Scripture, I am thankful for my app. It's so quick and easy to use. Plus there are lots of other great features that make it a great app.(and it's free!) 
  5. You Version is my other favorite bible app. I use this one mostly for it's bible reading plans and awesome devotionals. There are lots of them!
  6. Focus on the Family has a great free app that enables me to easily access their daily broadcasts. I love to listen to Focus while cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. I actually look forward to doing my dishes every night.
  7. Another place I like to fill up on God's Word is at Mars Hill. Every sermon series ever done is nicely categorized for me to access on their Mars Hill app.. Pastor Mark Driscoll is an incredible bible teacher and author whose mission is to make Jesus famous to the world. 
  8. Speaking of, their app is a really good one for accessing all kinds of popular bible teachers. Just search for Oneplace in the app store.
  9. Parent Cue is an app I just discovered for our whole family that we use as part of our bible study with  our boys. 252 Basics is the creator of this free app and a really amazing virtue based curriculum complete with videos for your kids, yourself, memory verses, activities and articles surrounding each virtue of the month. To access even more of their content, you can sign up for a free account online at their website.
  10. And one of the best ways I use my iPhone for seeking God in my day is to listen to praise and worship music. Sometimes I listen to one of the Christian stations I created on my Pandora app, music we've already downloaded (both kid and adult praise music) and other times we'll listen to songs we've saved to our favorites list on our Youtube app.
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