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March 25, 2012

A drawing by our 6 year old

This picture really makes me laugh. Our sweet 6 year old, C, drew this on our big white board one day. He told me it was a picture of our family sitting around a campfire. Love this! So I asked him to show me who was who in the picture....he pointed to himself and his three brothers, Daddy's toward the middle between two little guys and guess who's on the right. Yep, that would me me! The one with hair standing straight up in mohawk fashion. I can take this one of three ways...he loves mohawks and thinks I'm cool enough to sport one. My hair normally is a mess and this is what it looks like daily. OR, maybe this is what he perceived me to look like when I'm extremely my hair is standing on end. I probably to look like that to a child. ::sigh::

I prefer to think of the first option.
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