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May 23, 2011

Family Time!

These are pictures from the boys' birthday party in February. We celebrated with my Mom and Pa (Wayne) and my brother, Matt and sister-in-law, Shelby. Such a fun day! 

May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday little one

Feels so strange that our little guy turned a year old today. In parenting young ones, it seems like most days go by slowly. We start our days EARLY and because we've had babies and/or toddlers for the last 7 years, our days really never end. Wakeful nights just go with the territory. This does make for long days. But when I think back on this year as a whole, it did go by so fast...and I wouldn't trade one single moment of it for anything. 

Happy 1st Birthday little E!! You are such a blessing to us.

May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys!

Our big boys turned 7, 5 and 3. Because their birthdays are all so close together, we had one family party and three rounds of special dessert and fun with friends over the course of a couple weeks to honor each one of them separately. Lots of celebrating!!!

Our littlest guy turns 1 in a couple weeks. I can hardly believe the last year has gone by so quickly.

That being said, I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on...
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