Sensory Activities for 2 Year Olds

Sensory activities are quite popular amongst parents as they incorporate the simulation of one of the five senses; taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.

Not only do they incorporate all these senses, but sensory play also enhances the child’s scientific thinking and creativity, which should be of utmost priority for any parent.

This contributes to the brain development of the child and if these activities are done in groups then this will also further enhance the child’s social skills and make them more confident, which will be a big plus as they grow older.

Here we will explore various sensory activities, categorized according to each of the five senses. But do remember that one activity may involve the use of more than one senses, which just means more fun for the kids.

1. Taste:

This is a simple but extremely tasty activity. Parents should cut out squared patches of aluminum foil and place lots of whipped cream on it.

On the table, place various fruits, sprinkles, nuts or any other eatable you like.

Ask your child to pretend that the whipped cream is the canvas and using the eatables he can ‘draw’ anything he wants.

And as they go they’ll be allowed to eat them as well. They can even use their fingers to ‘draw’ on the whipped cream.

For any older kids, you can blindfold them and give them a range of eatables, which they have to guess what they are after tasting them.

2. Touch:

Almost all activities involve the sense of touch, so you can use a variety of child safe materials to make them play with them and using their fingers and hands, they can do all sorts of stuff with the materials.

For example, you can take a shoe box and add flour in it, as well as a bit of water and your child can move around their fingers in the flour.

To add some extra imagination, give them a spatula and then it will give them the impression of them cooking and we all know how much kids like to ‘cook’ at this age.

3. Smell:

For the sense of smell, simply take cotton balls and bring various essential oils. Ask your child to add some essential oil to one cotton bud, and then smell that.

Then to the other cotton bud, add another type of essential oil. This way the kid will get to explore various scents. Them prompt them and ask them various questions like ‘is this scent nice?’ and so on.

4. Sight:

Sight is also a sense which is used in almost all activities but if you want to be specific, then you can make your kid look for specific things.

For example, give them different colored blocks minus one color. And add only one block of the excluded color, so for example, if your child likes the color red, just add one red colored block and then ask your kid to find that red colored block.

Another activity could be playing hide and seek.

5. Hearing:

Hide and seek can also be turned into a hearing sensory activity. Only in this version, whoever hides, will keep on calling the kids name, so they concentrate on that voice and use it as a guide to find the person hiding.

It’ll be a fun game for your little one.

All these sensory activities will help your child enhance their senses and they will really enjoy along the way as well. Just make sure parental guidance is always there.

Good luck and have a great time doing all these activities!

sensory activities

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