Why every MOM with BOYS needs this book…

Are you a mom to one son…or possibly more? Do you find it hard at times to even know where to begin when it comes to praying for your sons?  My list is long. But I want my prayers to be powerful and to keep in mind the God-designed-hearts of each one of them.

In the last year, the depth of importance in what we’re doing as parents has brought me back again to a deeper, more intentional and purposeful prayer life.

I have had the privilege of being part of, author, Brooke McGlothlin’s launch team for her book, Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most.  I joined her team because I wholeheartedly support the work she’s doing to teach parents like you and I how to effectively pray for our sons.  I am so excited to tell you that Praying for Boys is finally here!! The prayer tool we all need is ready for the world to grab a hold of.   

Friends, if you are a mom (or grandparent) to sons, this is a book you’ll want to get and keep close by. It’s not a read once and put back up on the book shelf, kind of book. This is a book you will want to USE as a guide to help you in praying for your sons over and over again.

Tucked within all of her god-inspired wisdom, Brooke has included 21 days of prayer for the things boys need most. I cannot tell you how AMAZING and invaluable this section of the book is. She’s found Scripture relating to many different topics like obedience, pride, purity and all the Fruit of the Spirit, woven them into each day of prayer and left a blank space for each of us to insert our own child’s name within the Scripture prayer. I can’t tell you how powerful this has been for me. Literally, life and heart changing.

I’ve always prayed for my boys. I’ve prayed for their health, their safety, their salvation. I’ve prayed during surgeries, for healing of hurt feelings, for their forgiveness when I mess up. And I’ve prayed they would be strong and courageous when faced with difficult situations, difficult people. My prayers have always been there, but typically center around the circumstances we’re in. And if I’m honest, they’ve been vague, at times.

“…the best way a mom can enter the war for the heart of her son is on her knees.”

It’s true…boys ARE a battle zone. Often, I feel like I enter the battle with them, instead of for them. I lose my patience when they’ve not listened for the seventy-sixth time. And when they behave badly as all children can, I’m tempted to allow my flesh to be ugly too. Can you relate? As Brooke tells us in her book…

“…we all have a choice to make any time God reveals our hearts to us- follow His leading, or continue to live in sin.”

I’m  praying God will continue to increase my faith and yours. And may we surrender ourselves completely to whatever God reveals deep within our hearts.

There’s more to be praying for, and an urgency.

I want my sons’ hearts to be softened, to submit to authority, choose wisdom over foolishness, for humility to reign in their hearts. 

I want them to remain pure in body, mind and spirit. 

I hope they will have a strong desire to serve others more than themselves, to honor others by showing them how valuable they are and to forgive well and often. 

I want fear and anger to be something that does not take up residence in their hearts and minds. 

And I pray that their lives will bear the Fruit of the Spirit as evidence of Holy Spirit led lives.

Sounds like a a pretty tall order, doesn’t it. But these are this mama’s heart’s desire. And I believe it’s God’s desire for us to pray BIG prayers for our children as well.

God blessed my husband and me with these four specific boys. He knows what He’s doing, of course.  We are called to pray with abandon, to be even more intentional than we already are, to be accountable and worthy of the calling He’s placed on our lives.

We can’t change our sons’ hearts, but God definitely can.

So, are we ready to engage in battle? Not WITH our sons, but FOR them? Are we ready to enter the battle zone, armed with warrior prayers for boys that one day will be men…prayerfully, godly men? Prayer is our greatest weapon against the enemy of this world and the best way we can join God in agreement for His will over our sons’ lives and ours.

Get your copy of Praying for Boys today to help you pray for your sons in all the areas they need their mamas to pray for them most. If you’d like to get a copy from Amazon but want to save some money, I suggest you get a discount Amazon gift card first, then place your order. You can thank me later 🙂
I was given a copy of Praying for Boys in exchange for my honest review. This post does include affiliate links.
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